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Prévisions mondiales pour les tarifs de voyage en 2016

Notre rapport Global Travel Price Outlook 2016 donne un aperçu des tarifs prévisionnels pour l'aérien, les hôtels, les locations de voiture, les séminaires et événements et propose des recommandations pour garantir le succès de votre programme voyages pour l'année à venir.

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Explore the benefits of consolidating logistics and commercial travel with the launch of the CWT Energy, Resources & Marine and IBS Software Services white paper: Mining for Savings in Travel & Logistics.

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CWT 2017 Meetings and Events Forecast

Current industry drivers and trends, while offering regional insight and ideas for demonstrating even greater success for your 2017 Meetings & Events Program.


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CWT 2017 Energy, Resources and Marine Forecast

Insight of key sectors and regions that will be valuable as you budget for your travel prorgam for the year ahead.


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A quantitative look at the Bleisure phenomenon

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Driving Success in Strategic Meetings Management

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